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Making Chocolates - Friends, Holidays & Talents

Dipping Chocolate Candies

Buying our Making Chocolates DVD not only benefits you...

It benefits your valenties, christmas gift recipients, friends and family. There are many different reasons to learn how to make gourmet chocolates, but we will give you just a few below.

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Delicious Chocolate Pieces

Social Reasons: Impress your friends and family at your next social gathering!

You don't have to be a pro to make delicious chocolates. It just takes practice, and a little help from Mrs. Blake.

If you follow her instructions, and use the best ingredients, your chocolates will turn out great. The best part is that you and your family can eat your yummy little mistakes along the way! You soon might get so into it that you'll look up all your local chocolatiers and see if they need an apprentice! Who knows, one day you might open a chocolate making business yourself.

This holiday season, instead of buying a box of chocolates as a gift, make them instead! A box of homemade chocolates is a gift made with love.

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Christmas Gifts: Save money around the holidays!

Everyone has to battle with the very important gifting questions, "What can I get loved ones that is from the heart and that will mean a lot to them." This is one of the reasons Mrs. Blake has spent the last 25 years making chocolates.

A box of home made chocolates is a gift with a little bit of your heart included. When the holidays come, we usually end up spending way too much on gifts and inevitably we run out of money before we have gotten presents for everyone. Making chocolates is not the miracle solution, but a box of homemade chocolates is much cheaper than many comparable gifts, and they really show a person you care.

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Experienced Teacher: So Who's Mrs. Blake?

Mrs. Blake

Her name is Mrs. Blake and one of her favorite things is CHOCOLATE! She doesn't just love to make chocolates, she loves to eat them, and she loves to give them away. She has been making homemade chocolates every Christmas for over 25 years and has become somewhat famous for them.

Every November-December she makes a couple thousand to give away as gifts. And every year, her friends and family wait with anticipation. In fact, most people would rather get chocolates from her than anything else she could give them.

Chocolate making would still have been just a hobby were it not for her son-in-law. Last year he talked her into making this video and teaching others the Art of Chocolate Making. She agreed knowing that her children would always have this wealth of knowledge available incase they wanted to continue the family tradition.

This video is not shot with a professional camera, and there is no script, but there are lots of Mrs. Blake's helpful tips and secrets to make your own delicious chocolates.

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