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Get Your Video On How To Make Chocolates

Making Chocolates Yourself!

Blake's Candies DVD on How to Make Candy

Chocolate making starts with what we call "centers". These are the different candies that we then coat with chocolate in the dipping process.

In this video, Mrs. Blake will teach you how to make 7 different types of candy centers and then teach you techniques for dipping them.

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Is making chocolates difficult?

Don't worry, this video is for beginners and with a little practice, your candy can look and taste just as good as any you have ever had.

Mrs. Blake gives you step by step instructions that cover everything from ingredients, to how to make chocolates look professional after they are dipped. Your friends and family will be impressed when they see your new found talent, and they will love you even more when you give them a box made with love.

Get started on your new hobby

This homemade video is packed with everything to get your hobby started. With this video you get personal training as well as tips that you would have to learn the hard way. Creating dipped candy is an activity that is fun and relaxing, but the best part is when you give a box away and watch the suprised looks you get when you tell people that you made them. Let Mrs. Blake share her hobby with you in her video on making chocolates. Now available online!

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